Desfile de carrozas

I'm sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in. Bender?! You stole the atom. Robot 1-X, save my friends! And Zoidberg! You guys aren't Santa! You're not even robots. How dare you lie in front of Jesus?

You'll have all the Slurm you can drink when you're partying with Slurms McKenzie! Oh, but you can. But you may have to metaphorically make a deal with the devil. And by "devil", I mean Robot Devil. And by "metaphorically", I mean get your coat. It must be wonderful. This opera's as lousy as it is brilliant! Your lyrics lack subtlety. You can't just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me feel angry! No, just a regular mistake.

  • Hey, tell me something. You've got all this money. How come you always dress like you're doing your laundry?
  • You can crush me but you can't crush my spirit!

I love you, buddy! Son, as your lawyer, I declare y'all are in a 12-piece bucket o' trouble. But I done struck you a deal: Five hours of community service cleanin' up that ol' mess you caused. Bender?! You stole the atom. Tell them I hate them. You, minion. Lift my arm. AFTER HIM!

That could be 'my' beautiful soul sitting naked on a couch. If I could just learn to play this stupid thing. I'm sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in. I daresay that Fry has discovered the smelliest object in the known universe!

  2. It's just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long, the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter, while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. But then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns. Also he got a race car. Is any of this getting through to you?
  3. What's with you kids? Every other day it's food, food, food. Alright, I'll get you some stupid food.

Bender, we're trying our best. Oh Leela! You're the only person I could turn to; you're the only person who ever loved me. No! The cat shelter's on to me. I'll get my kit!